Michael Bancroft is a senior media executive and journalist with experience running multi-platform networks and creating internationally distributed shows at the intersection of business and technology.

He is the co-host and executive producer of the globally distributed television show Beyond Innovation that uncovers the world’s new and emerging technologies changing the way we live and do business. Michael is also the co-host of The Feed with Amber Mac and Michael B on SiriusXM, a top trending tech podcast and radio show.

Michael was an executive producer for Bloomberg TV, where he launched and was responsible for all aspects of Canadian programming. For four seasons, he was presenter and executive producer of the internationally distributed technology TV show App Central. Michael grew the audience of App Central tenfold on CTV, from one network to five in Canada and sold the program to four countries.

Michael has worked for leading broadcast networks including CBS, CNBC, ABC, BNN and Network Ten. He has worked with and reported on leaders in the field of business, technology, politics and entertainment. Michael has covered stories and events from all corners of the globe including red carpets in Los Angeles to the jungles of Rwanda. He has a postgraduate qualification in journalism from UCLA and an MBA in finance from Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

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    Beyond Innovation uncovers the world’s new and emerging technologies changing the way we live and do business.

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Building brand recognition and competing for business globally in a borderless economy has become far more difficult with the rapid advancement of social media platforms and technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Globally recognized journalist Michael Bancroft shares how companies can use technology and media to engage and grow their businesses through original content while creating new customer and distribution channels. As an entrepreneur, Michael built a media platform and business focused on technology, startups and connecting the innovation ecosystem using digital and traditional media, reaching over $1 million in revenue in its first year. Michael shows how a company’s communications efforts at any stage of the business life cycle can help attract funding, establish a strong market position and drive revenue. He also explains the common practices successful founders and business leaders he has interviewed from around the world use to stay agile and how they adapt to new technologies to ensure they maintain their competitive edge.

Michael Julian Bancroft